I decided to focus on sportsbetting in Poland. is the best sportsbetting educational website in Poland.

If you target recreational players (for example Casino is the 1st product), cooperation with may be NOT good for you, as you will not gain from our players.
They will beat you with ease…
If you still want to try to gain our Readers, I can insert your short description (waiting for a set of the most important information below).

My values

I am looking for reliable bookmakers for long-term cooperation.

The most important for me is:

  • credibility 
  • value for players


Trust is only lost once.

Factors that increase credibility for me

  • long internship in sportsbetting
  • good feedback from players
  • bad reviews do not address critical credibility factors
  • sponsorship of sports clubs
  • ambassadors
  • good practice certificates
  • sports betting as the first product
  • USP (as opposed to lots of clones)
  • low rate margin
  • not too easy welcome bonus terms
  • willingness to mediate (and then keep your word in practice)
  • awards, seals, distinctions

If you know credible brand, I am interested in information about the credibility of a given bookmaker, which I can verify.

Mediation process

I am looking for bookmakers who are ready to mediate, in the event of a dispute between the player and the bookmaker.
In such a situation, I act as a mediator:

  1. It usually starts with a player’s email complaint.
  2. Then I contact the bookmaker with a request to comment on the situation to the extent that the bookmaker wants to comment.
  3. It is a form of informal agreement (quick, via email or skype mostly).
  4. If the form of mediation does not lead to a solution, I direct the player to the formal path of lodging a complaint.
  5. A significant number of unsolved complaints can reduce the credibility of the bookmaker.


Please answer to these question if your are interested in cooperation:

1. Since when your offer is available for players?
2. Why should players trust your brand?
3. What is your USP among thousands of average bookmakers on the market? I only want to work with the best bookies (unique offer).
4. Target: which players you don’t want to have? What is your politics about stake limits for pro punters? I am interested the most in those who do not apply stake limits to players (it’s discrimination from my point of view).

Due to legal restrictions in Poland, foreign bookmakers are only featured in the logged-in area (password surebety):


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